Corporate Overview

FosterThomas is a leading professional services firm that provides solutions in the areas of Human Capital Management, Employee Benefits and Payroll Consulting.  Our solutions are tailored around the specific needs of our clients and help address the following specialties:

  • ADP Project & Payroll Management
  • Employee Benefits Solutions
  • HR Management Consulting & Outsourcing Solutions
  • HR & Payroll Staffing
  • Talent Acquisitions & Recruiting Solutions

We help organizations by providing solutions designed with a focus on cost containment strategies and increasing HR efficiency.  FosterThomas was established in 1993 with it’s corporate offices in Annapolis, Maryland and today serves clients across the country.   FosterThomas occupies a unique position as a full service consulting provider of HR services.  Our clients can trust and rely on the advice and services of our HR Professionals:

  • HR Consultants – SHRM Certified, HR Masters, 10 + years experience
  • System Implementation Specialists and Payroll Processing Specialists
  • Employee Benefits Specialists
  • Recruiting & Staffing Specialists

We are committed to serving our clients’ ever-changing human resources needs. We have recruited and retained top HR professionals who are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of new innovations and working closely with you to see how we can meet your unique requirements.

Thomas G. Bedard, CEO
Patrick M. Hill, President
Ellie Tonder, President of Benefits
Nicole O’Brien, President of Professional Services

Wendy Woods

Without waiting for me to ask, my FosterThomas team reviewed our business insurance policies and discovered holes in our coverage that exposed us to a variety of risks. They researched and recommended new policies to protect our products as well as ensure that a2z was protected from internal threats (employee lawsuits for instance). Not only did we get better coverage, but at a better price! I am continually impressed with the professional-yet-personal, proactive business style of the FosterThomas team. a2z, Inc.

ADP Consulting, Benefits Brokerage, Human Capital Management & Talent Acquisition and Recruiting