DEADLINE REMINDER: EEO-1 and Veterans Reporting

DEADLINE REMINDER: EEO-1 and Veterans Reporting

This is a reminder that the EEO-1, and Veterans Report are due annually no later than September 30.

EEO-1 Reports 

  • The EEO-1 report is a collection of workforce data from employers with 100 or more (lower thresholds apply to federal contractors) employees
  • The EEO-1 report applies to employers with more than 100 employees or contractors or subcontractors with 50 employees and $50,000 in government contracts.
  • The EEO-1 report contains information on a contractor’s workforce including gender, ethnicity and EEO code (e.g., first line manager, professional technical, sales).

File EEO-1 Reports Electronically

The EEOC “strongly recommends that EEO-1 reports be submitted through the EEO-1 Online Filing System or as an electronically transmitted data file. Paper EEO-1 forms will be generated on request only, and only in extreme cases where Internet access is not available to the employer. Instructions on how to file are available on the EEOC’s website at


EEO-1 Report

The EEO-1 Report is available to download by clicking on the button below:


VETS-100/100A Reports

  • The VETS-100 reporting requirements apply to contractors with an existing federal contract or subcontract in the amount of $25,000 or more that was entered into before December 1, 2003.
  • Contractors with a federal contract or subcontract in the amount of $100,000 or more that was entered into or modified on or after December 1, 2003, are covered by the VETS-100A reporting requirements.
  • Reports may be filed between August 1 and September 30.

File Electronically

Employers are encouraged to file electronically and may do so at 

Further information is available by contacting the VETS-100 Service Desk at (866) 237-0275 or by sending an email to

Are You Aware of the VETS-100 Filing Changes from Earlier in 2014?

Changes are on the horizon regarding the requirement that government/federal contractors file the annual VETS-1oo form. Per the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), in accordance with the US DOL Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS), the VETS-100 form has become obsolete.

VETS-100 Changes

Additional Details on EEO-1 and Veterans Reporting

For more information on the OFCCP Regulations Effective 3/24/14, click the button below

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