Hot Topics in HR Management

Hot Topics in HR Management

Welcome to the FosterThomas “Hot Topics in HR Management” Blog

This forum will serve as your ‘go-to’ source for all things Human Resources. Whether it’s guidance you seek, or a forum for idea sharing, or simply a place to vent about your own HR frustrations; we’re here to provide value-rich human resource information for clients, industry partners, and future clients alike.

HR BlogWhat kinds of posts will you find here?

  • General HR – What’s happening in your HR department?  Understaffed?  Bogged down by administrative garbage?  Merging with another organization and need some pointers on how to blend cultures?
  • Risk Management– Exposure to various liabilities. Are you fully covered from all angles? What you need to do to become and remain compliant with contracts and state laws; and how to implement risk reduction strategies to protect your company.
  • HR Staffing – Train and retain your best employees.  Talk about talent management and how to recognize when it makes sense to outsource.
  • Outsourced Recruiting/RPO – By utilizing the FosterThomas Outsourced Recruiting Services our clients can supplement an existing recruiting force during surges or spikes in the hiring cycle.
  • Employee Benefits/Benefits Brokerage – What are the trends in healthcare reform?  Is it possible to contain costs while providing a benefits package that will attract top talent? 
  • Payroll Processing Services – As an ADP Alliance Partner we provide implementation of ADP systems, payroll processing support and more
  • Government Contractors – FosterThomas proves regulatory compliance and HR Management support for the unique govenrment contractor arena
  • Other – Simply anything you or our subject matter experts want to talk about that’s related to human resources.

Who is FosterThomas  — and what makes us an authority on Human Resources?

FosterThomas is the Mid-Atlantic region’s leading HR Management Consulting organization.  Providing best-in-class HR-focused professional services since 1993, FosterThomas creates custom, scalable HR solutions for emerging and mid-sized organizations, government contractors and non-profits.

Our HR Master’s level and SHRM-certified HR team members are what make us a leader in HR Management – so join us on our new blogging journey – you just may get something out of it!  Let’s get started… Let us know what you want to talk about.

About the Author

FosterThomas is a leading professional services company that provides solutions in the areas of Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing, HR Staffing, Outsourced Recruiting, Employee Benefits Brokerage, Payroll Implementation and Services, HR for Government Contractors, Business Insurance, HR Compliance and Risk Management. We help organizations by providing solutions designed with a focus on cost containment strategies and increasing HR efficiency. FosterThomas HR Consulting was established in 1993 with offices in Annapolis, Maryland (Corporate), McLean, Virginia and Raleigh, North Carolina. Today, FosterThomas occupies a unique position as a full service provider of HR services.

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