HR Compliance

HR Compliance Audits are designed to be helpful, and protect your business from risk.

Regulatory compliance management is the backbone of any successful human resource function. FosterThomas HR compliance audits are designed to provide your organization recommendations for continuous process improvement, possible cost reduction strategies and peace of mind. Whether you have a small or large HR department, a compliance audit will help you stay in front of ever-changing regulatory compliance and HR best practices. We will help you find out where you are and where you should be.

Let’s Start With a Few Questions:

  • Does your business set aside a time of year to revisit budgets, staffing and recruiting, healthcare and employee benefits enrollment?
  • Would your organization benefit from a third party, professional compliance audit?
  • Do you know what an HR audit consists of?
  • Did you know that HR auditors know compliance requirements inside and out, risks and gaps affecting your business and solutions to provide you peace of mind?

What an HR Audit Will do for You

The HR audit will assess your company’s human resource practices, define any HR deficiencies that may exist and provide recommendations and strategies for improvement. FosterThomas can also take corrective action to ensure full compliance with the law. Within each audit an emphasis is placed on federal, state and company compliance.

Customized Review Process

The FosterThomas customized review of your company’s HR management practices includes a detailed report of findings based on a thorough analysis. We base our customized HR audit on the following steps:

  • Determine the scope and type of audit
  • Collect and review HR data and practices
  • Complete a detailed audit questionnaire
  • Benchmark the findings
  • Provide feedback about the results
  • Create action plan(s)
  • Foster a climate of continuous improvement

The FosterThomas HR Compliance Audit shall include the following:

  • Compliance audit and process improvement (federal and state regulations)
  • Recordkeeping – Personnel files and employment postings
  • Federal and State Discriminatory Statutes including EEOC, ADEA, ADA, FLSA, FMLA, ADEA, COBRA, HIPAA, OSHA, ERISA, USCIS I-9 worker eligibility (employers can be fined between $100 and $1000 for each failure to accurately complete I-9 forms)
  • HR Procedures
  • Recruiting, hiring, personnel administration/forms, benefits enrollment, status changes, performance evaluation, accident & injury, and termination
  • Employee Handbook
  • Benefits program audit (self-funding alternatives)
  • Benefit plan descriptions (SPD), plan documentation, structure, and rates
  • HR program or function audit (e.g. – Payroll)
  • Business Risk
  • Employment Practices Liability, Errors and Omissions, Director and Officers Liability

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